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Last month (right before Black Friday when the Lorac Pro was 50% off oh well), Lorac was on sale on Hautelook, so I jumped to grab a couple items that were at ridiculously low prices.

These past few months, I've been wearing makeup more regularly, so I'm trying to invest in higher quality products (hopefully at a decent price) rather than using a mish-mash of whatever's on sale at the drugstore. Or maybe I'm just trying to justify buying more makeup lol. I was super excited when they came in the mail this week. Even though both these items are small, they came in separate boxes (both from Nordstrom Rack), which was a bit odd... but I'm really happy with my purchase, so I wanted to share with you guys!

Anyways, the first item I purchased was the LORAC The Skinny Eye Shadow Palette in Nude. It was released for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I was pretty disappointed I couldn't grab it when it first came out. I know LORAC had some palettes during ULTA's Black Friday sale, but this one appealed a lot more to me than those choices.

"This super sexy palette contains seven gorgeous eye shadow shades in a highly-pigmented, silky-smooth formula. The Skinny Palette is packed with the perfect combination of matte and shimmer shades to easily create eye-catching looks from soft and natural to sexy and sultry Red Carpet glamour!"
This palette cost $15 (supposedly a $133 value... which is a bit of a stretch)

The outside is really simple: a small, beige, textured case. It's easy to hold in one hand and is good for travel, which is really nice!

As described, there are 7 neutral shades of various finishes. The colors are actually a tad lighter than they appear in this images, since I took this in natural lighting and the weather has been terribly cloudy the entire week :(


Swatched over bare skin on top and NYX Milk on the bottom

Close up on the bare skin swatches. I lightly brushed my finger of the eyeshadow once to see how much would show up. The second shade (a light-medium orange-y copper) is a lot lighter than it seems, but my camera also just wouldn't pick it up :/ In general, the lighting made the colors a lot more washed out and less metallic/shimmery than they were in real life.


I really like the range of colors in this palette. My favorites were the second , fifth (really pretty metallic), and sixth (love the color). There's enough variety that it stands on its own and can create a lot of different looks. The quality of the eyeshadow is really nice—buttery, for the most part. Some were a little powdery, but with a primer/base, they're very vibrant and I don't think it'll affect performance. I do wish some of them were a little more pigmented as well. The size is the most appealing part, since for me, a large palette like LORAC Pro would end with half its shadows basically untouched. These are ones I'll reach for over and over again!

Rating: 4/5

I also purchased a LORAC eyeshadow in Moonstone for only $3 (Retails for $16- such a steal!)


It's a really beautiful color, a champagne that's kind of in between copper and peach. It definitely leans towards orange/copper on bare skin but the pink shows up a lot more (making it a peachy metallic) when I use NYX Milk underneath. It reminds me of a more pigmented, smoother version of #2 from the Skinny Palette. The formula is so buttery and it blends really nicely, and this is definitely one of my favorite eyeshadows, both color and forumla-wise. I wish I grabbed some other shades when I had the chance!

Top - NYX Milk
Bottom - Bare Skin

Rating: 5/5

Thanks for reading!

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Blogger thepigs said...
ahh moonstone is so beautiful over NYX milk :' ) i want to try lorac shadows now hue thanks for the review lee :D  
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