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Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 9:19 PM with
These aren't super exciting, but here are some pieces I'm vaguely eyeing for winter and fall!

1) Velvet Dress

My school has a Yule Ball in the winter and I really hope to get a dress like this to wear (as well as make myself dress robes) There's something so luxurious about velvet and how it feels and the way it reflects light and it always screams holidays.

2) Harem Pants

Elevated sweatpants. Need I say more.

3) Flannel

Actually, the more interested I get in fashion, the lazier I am about my everyday look, it seems. I've always wanted a flannel shirt since they seem so warm and cozy and I really want to track one down the season.

4) Thigh-High Boots

Ever since I've seen them in one of Jenn Im's videos, I've wanted a pair of these. They're just....edgy and cool and one of those things I never thought I would wear which means I should definitely wear it.

5) Classic Trenchcoat

Trenchcoats are also one of those things I've secretly coveted for so long but never get. But they're so versatile and elegant *drools*

6) Berry Lips

These have been so popular this fall and I'm really liking some of NYX's lipsticks!

For Black Friday, I'm also eyeing some of the sales on Urban Decay and Smashbox at Macy's to gift to friends and the LORAC palettes at ULTA.

Senior year has been a really big transition period in my life, but it's actually when I've been the most grounded I've ever been as well. Now that I know it's the end, branching out seems less intimidating. When I think back on things, I was always kind of scared of how people would react if I wore darker makeup, more embellished nails, dressier outfits. Now, I'm just whatever and I throw on whatever I think looks good. Which occasionally is sweatpants. *end random reflective moment*

Anyways, much love and I'll leave you with Taylor Swift's new release (her album is fantastic and I like that it's the kind of pop that isn't shitty even though I admittedly love shitty pop)

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Blogger vicky ✿ said...
yule ball made me automatically think of Harry Potter LOL. I feel you on the harem pants *__* & I don't think I've ever mentioned this but I love your blog layout!
Blogger Lee said...
thanks vicky ♥ yule ball is actually supposed to be harry potter themed! we're supposed to wear dress robes over our dresses but its the first year so idk how many ppl will actually do that lol  
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