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These past weeks have been hectic- filled with work, cooking, and lots of time outside. When it's hot, I'm really lazy about skincare, so I like products that are easy to use and multifunctional- which aloe is perfect for. I picked up this product because it was pretty cheap, but I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I like it!

I purchased this a few months ago since aloe is great for the summer. Our family has an aloe plant and we used to cut open the leaves and apply that to dry skin or itchy spots or wherever (basically as "organic" as you can get). Aloe drinks too- delicious and refreshing. Basically, aloe is one of those summer essentials.
Originally, I actually wanted to purchase the Nature Republic aloe gel, since it has tons of raving reviews, but I'm not a fan of the tubs in general- it gets unsanitary, even with a spatula- and the product contains alcohol, can be drying for the skin. In the end, I went with this instead (because how hard can it be to mess up an aloe gels anyways?)

Name: Holika Holika Aloe Soothing Gel (or Holika Holika Ultra Moist Purity 99% Aloe Soothing Gel for the reallllly long version)
Size: 300 mL
What is it?
"Holika Holika Ultra Moist Purity 99% Aloe Soothing Gel creates healthy and watery skin. Formulated with organic aloe 99%, and provides moisture for skin. Rich of Vitamin C and makes skin brighter."

**I can't actually read Korean but I use this handy list to get a general idea of what's in a product when I can't find an English list

Water: I'm surprised it's so high up in the list, but it's not problematic.
Butylene Glycol: Moisturizing agent and solvent, often used in cosmetics. Non-irritating
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract: Finally, at third on the list, we get to aloe- obviously supposed to be the key ingredient of this product. Aloe is a moisturizing agent- a humectant that hydrates the skin by enhancing water absorption of skin. It's also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties and protects the skin from UV damage. The aloe is also SGS Organic certified.
Carbomer: Forms the gel texture

Scanned quickly through the other ingredients and didn't seem to find anything problematic, but I'm surprised that for something that's supposedly 99% Aloe, the ingredient isn't higher up in the list.

I purchased this from TesterKorea for 3,990 won (~$4). But it appears that the price has increased since then :(
TesterKorea- 4900 won
KoreaDepart- $5.56

The product comes in a partially opaque bottle, just slightly smaller than a can of soda and clear enough to see how much product is left. It has a large pump as well, which is easy to use (I'm lazy- I don't like picking up tubes)

The gel is clear but a little runny at room temperature and it's very easy to spread out. Although it's a bit watery, it sinks in super quickly, leaving the skin hydrated with no residue.

A little bit goes a long way - a tiny pump can be spread all up the arm. So even though I've been using the bottle for around 3 months, I'm not even halfway through it.

There's a fresh scent that's noticeable but not overwhelming.

The bottle says it's for "dry or sunburned skin," but this can be used anywhere- body, face, hair. It's very nice dry skin in the summer since moisturizes without the heaviness and oily finish of a lotion. I like mixing some with my foundation or bb cream for a natural finish or just applying it after all my skincare in the morning and at night for the cooling sensation.

I haven't noticed any long-term effects, but this is a decent product to use for temporary hydration and soothing.

Overall: 4/5
Great product for the price. The pump is very handy and it's very hydrating.

Quick absorption
Light texture
Organic Aloe
For all skin types, including sensitive skin

Slightly watery texture
Scent (for those who are sensitive)
Temporary effects

Thanks for reading! 

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