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Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 10:06 AM with
Hi guys~ I've been neglecting this blog for the past couple weeks but I'm back with an OOTD and some general musings. I'm hoping to post every weekend or every other weekend from now on and I have some beauty reviews/hauls planned too!

Tank: Thrifted
Bandeau: PINK by VS
Bottom: Lily White
Bag: LuLu
Rings: H&M

Since it's summer break, I incorporated some pieces that I'd never wear during the school year into my outfit today I actually purposefully make my outfits really simple for school, due to a combination of factors like rushed mornings and trying to draw minimal attention to myself. So I added a pleather skirt, lace bandeau, and large metallic rings (which don't show up that well in these pictures, but they're shaped like hexagons and reach almost my knuckle. Probably painful to be punched with too.)

I wore this outfit to a showing of HTTYD 2 with my sister. I love animated movies that go beyond simple story lines, and I'm happy to say this movie blew away all my expectations. More than blown away actually this movie made my feels hurt like they got smashed with a semi-truck. There were so many compelling themes about choosing between what you love to do and what society wants (and sometimes needs) from you and emotional scenes that really hit home for me. It's definitely worth checking out even if you're normally not a fan of Vikings or dragons (gasp is that possible?!)

Don't know how I ended up with the Theater Copy but Sunday movie tickets are quite a steal

On the theme of "adventure," I've just started living on my own for work purposes (mainly concerning astronomy, as if my OOTD didn't make my love obvious enough). It's strange to be in charge of myself, making sure I eat healthy, budget my spending, and keep my room organized (Admittedly, I don't always succeed and I have a tendency to drown myself in work and forget to eat. But I'm working on it!) Kind of exciting, kind of scary, kind of fun, kind of boring— and a taste of the "real world" in many ways.

To finish off, here's what I've been listening to lately:

I'm not as familiar with Asian hip-hop outside of Korea, but this is amazing. I love how hip-hop plays with language and definitely planning to explore the Chinese scene more.

Drop me a comment and let me know what's been playing in your headphones lately or your summer plans.(。・ω・。)

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Blogger Elaine Zhu said...
Hey girl. If you want to know, all my summer plans consist of sleeping, eating, and the Internet. And if you want a good song to listen to, try "Really Don't Care" by Demi Lovato. :3  
Blogger vicky ✿ said...
omg I love your outfit *-* those rings look so cool!! I've been listening to a lot of the 1975 & other indie pop/rock bands lately!  
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