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Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 11:43 PM with
Since I just started this blog, I figured I might as well write something. Well, I'm Lee (or that's what I go by on the internet.) I enjoy dancing, playing dress-up, and long walks on the beach by myself. I'm also prone to using really long sentences that aren't actually run-ons (I hope!) and interrupting myself with parenthesis, as you've just seen. I don't feel like I'm that interesting, but very few people (more like nobody) are actually going to read this, so why not?

Which is basically the mentality I'm taking into this blog. I've been running my tumblr blog (elixin) for a year and a half now and I basically ended up using my blog as a place to unwind and look at pretty picutures, so I want to expand into something more personal. It's kind of a New Year's Resolution... but in the middle of the year because I just finished the school year. Basically, I'm about to enter my senior year and I realized how quickly time flies when you don't keep track of things. So with this blog, I'll be posting about my life and  things I enjoy— fashion, makeup, baking, video games, etc.  since I flounder when talking about myself (if this post doesn't make that any more obvious. But hopefully that will change with more writing). 

Maybe along the way, someone (i.e. you?) will get something out of it or at least enjoy skimming through these ramblings.

Gosh, this just reeks of awkwardness, so I'll keep this post pretty short. But feel free to introduce yourself in the comments! Maybe let me know what you're doing this summer if you're on this side of the hemisphere? I'd love to know who stumbled on this little blog and I'll most likely follow back if you have a blog as well! If you have a tumblr or twitter, I'd definitely check it out as well! (*´・v・)

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Blogger Elaine Zhu said...
Hi Emily! You sounds pretty cool. ^.^  
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